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February 17, 2021


Brazil’s ruinous political leadership, economic mismanagement, and COVID-19 crisis are simply bringing the country’s long-standing challenges into ever-sharper relief

As part of a 2019 agreement with the US, Brazil is looking to expand its space base, but it could mean evicting hundreds of Black families from their ancestral lands


Rodrigo Londoño ‘Timochenko’, pidió que les dieran un espacio en la alianza de partidos de izquierda que empezó a armarse desde el año pasado para las elecciones del 2022

Colombia, Venezuela

Álvarez was a translator and business partner of Jordan Goudreau, the former American Green Beret

El Salvador

I am perplexed and disappointed that the Ambassador’s office would put out inaccurate quotes and attribute them to me. This is a first in my 15 years in Congress and this incident will unfortunately force me to reassess how I engage with El Salvador’s Ambassador

Guatemala, Mexico

The United States has for years exported the control of migratory routes to Mexico and Central America. The repression of the most recent Honduran migrant caravan highlights this shift, but the effort began much earlier, during the Obama administration


Less well known is how mining and natural resource extraction in some areas exacerbate violence and climate change impacts, spurring localized migration

Keyla Martínez, a 26-year-old student, died of asphyxiation when she was being held alone in a police cell. But many don’t buy the police line that she committed suicide

The party that has governed Honduras since 2010 has become a federation that welcomes politicians and officials involved in criminal businesses ranging from timber to drug trafficking to the misappropriation of public funds


El INM también responsabiliza a la llegada a la Casa Blanca de Joe Biden del incremento del flujo hacia Estados Unidos

Critics say it reveals the pitfalls of governments seeking to gather more citizen data for law enforcement purposes

Mexico, U.S.-Mexico Border

Individuals should not take any action at this time and should remain where they are to await further instructions

U.S.-Mexico Border

U.S. law makes it very difficult to seize land from private landowners, which the federal government needed to do to build the wall


304 hombres y 25 mujeres; al hacer el desglose por ocupación, se cuentan 206 civiles y 123 efectivos castrenses