Juan José Serafín Estrada photo at SinEmbargo (Mexico). Caption: “Militares previo a labores de seguridad en Michoacán.”

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March 16, 2021

Western Hemisphere Regional

In order to gain more access, presence, and influence in the region, the PRC and Russia are taking advantage of the pandemic


A series of actions, most recently the arrest of former interim President Jeanine Áñez and two of her former ministers, have cooled hopes that Arce might be a moderating force in Bolivian politics


Some analysts have expressed fear that the riot at the U.S. Capitol in January may inspire an armed uprising of Bolsonaro supporters should he fail to win a second term in next year’s election


La idea era mejorar su relación y la de sus equipos. Pasó lo contrarioDuque y Londoño tuvieron que enfrentar críticas de los sectores más radicales de su partido

Sostenemos que los comentarios de los magistrados fueron dignificantes y oportunos en la medida que acababan de escuchar el valiente testimonio de una sobreviviente de graves violaciones a derechos humanos, pero de ninguna manera prejuzgaron sobre la responsabilidad del Estado

Con cada hecho de sangre el país ha recordado la existencia de Tumaco, y vienen el llanto, los rezos, los velorios y los entierros, pero nada cambia


Sixty six percent of 400 Cuban Americans, all of whom voted in the 2020 election, said they oppose normalizing relations


It has become a vehicle for those in and outside the country to show their support for the Haitian people amid the country’s deepening political turmoil and mounting violence


Such attempts by the CJNG to force smaller groups to join forces with them or be eliminated have caused their rivals like the Nueva Plaza and the Sinaloa Cartel to adopt a similar modus operandi

So what is the Mérida Initiative, and why is it a potential target for reform?

U.S.-Mexico Border

Republicans are positioning themselves around the gaps in the border wall, sometimes literally, in an effort to portray Mr. Biden as soft on immigration

We are on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years. We are expelling most single adults and families

“We would love to see the processing of minor children happen a lot quicker,” Ms. Rivas said. But, she added, “Right now we don’t have an operational asylum system because there’s still a lot of rebuilding to do”

Warring Twitter factions quickly emerged, landing neatly into two camps: those who viewed Biden’s action as open hypocrisy and believe the government should never have custody of these children, and those defending the move as a necessary temporary measure to safely deal with a “surge”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and HHS will “be responsible for providing shelter management and contracts” for food, security, cleaning, and medical care at the convention center

Centrist Democrats are nervous about attacks casting them as soft on border security. Liberals and immigration activists are sounding alarms about how migrants are treated. And Republicans are increasingly laying the groundwork for immigration-centric attacks

Community leaders and Democrats here argue that Republicans are trying to manufacture a crisis that’s not there for political gain, as most migrants are still being kicked out and those being allowed to stay are being processed in El Paso in an orderly fashion

Leaders in Texas border towns say their economies are suffering because of pandemic restrictions on cross-border travel


La siembra de la próxima temporada también está en peligro en un país en el que, según el Programa Mundial de Alimentos de Naciones Unidas, dos tercios de la población no cuenta con un suministro estable y suficiente de alimentos