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July 18, 2017


It is not booby traps and snipers that are now blocking eradication efforts, but angry woman and children preventing the eradicators from working. This has proven to be extraordinarily effective

The rebels now appear in civilian clothes alongside government officials, selling farmers on crops like black pepper and heart of palm

Two key flaws were included in Constitutional Amendment 1 of 2017: (1) an overly broad provision on political participation for FARC guerrillas; and (2) an indefensibly rigid definition of “command responsibility”

El último homicidio fue en el norte del Cauca, mientras el líder desayunaba con sus compañeros de Marcha Patriótica. ¿Quién era Héctor Mina?

Esta radiografía nos permite visibilizar las enormes diferencias entre grupos y su presencia en los territorios, así como su fragmentación

Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela

Havana could usefully offer safe haven exile for Mr Maduro’s senior officials who, with a bolt hole to flee to, would no longer need to fight to the last


Correa called his successor “disloyal” and “mediocre,” and warned of the danger of “crossing red lines.” On Twitter Moreno parried that “we continue committed to reconcile the country”


The hearing on July 19 is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. Guatemala time. It will be an important barometer of the status of grave crimes cases in Guatemala


The creativity of the tunnels is consistent with Mexican drug cartels’ way of overcoming the border fence above-ground


If fewer than 7.2 million people turn out to elect the government’s Constitutional Assembly on July 30, the body’s lack of legitimacy will be obvious from day one

The opposition’s new strategy came as the Trump administration said it would impose “swift economic actions” if Mr. Maduro goes ahead with a planned election on July 30