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May 19, 2017


The calls for Mr. Temer to resign have come from many sides, including an editorial Friday in O Globo, part of Brazil’s most powerful media group

If Mr. Temer is ultimately impeached, Brazil’s Congress would elect an interim president to serve out the remainder of the presidential term until the scheduled presidential election in 2018


Este viernes, para no ir a un juicio por la demanda de las mujeres, el expresidente y hoy senador se retractó de lo dicho en su trino del 25 de junio del 2015

Publicly, Trump gave no such commitment during a joint news conference with Santos in the White House East Room. Trump did not mention Colombia’s hard-fought peace process until a reporter asked about it

Pence le comunicó a Santos que está interesado en que las relaciones se mantengan y sigan mejorando y por eso nos ofreció todo su apoyo


Mr. Valdez’s slaying has caused shock waves here and abroad in a way few other killings have during the last decade in Mexico

Since the vast majority of the reporters who have been murdered since the start of the drug wars work anonymously for tiny provincial papers, it has generally been assumed that someone like Javier Valdez would be safe

If Brazil were included in the list — with its more than 50,000 violent deaths per year in recent years — it would rank higher than Syria. Venezuela had more than 29,000 homicides in 2016, which would put it ahead of Mexico

Colombia, Mexico

The seemingly contradictory messages presented by Trump and his top cabinet officials suggest that the new administration has yet to chart a clear course


Reuters journalists visiting the town on Friday had to negotiate permission from masked youths manning roadblocks and turning back traffic

La orden de usar a francotiradores para matar a manifestantes ha sido dada en el seno de la Fuerza Armada Nacional de Venezuela

The most important reason that these sanctions will not likely work is that with no “escape hatch,”–i.e. possibility of being lifted for changed behavior–they raise sanctioned officials exit costs and thereby increase their loyalty to the regime

Maduro had largely been careful not to antagonize Trump. But Trump’s repeated criticisms of the troubled South American nation appear to have struck a nerve

The sanctions are the latest U.S. effort to put pressure on the “bad actors” in the government of Nicolas Maduro in the midst of daily opposition streets protests

The sanctions are the first unrelated to drug trafficking imposed by the Trump administration against high-ranking members of the Venezuelan government

May 18, 2017


In Meta, and other large parts of Colombia, the retreat of the FARC has created a vacuum that has attracted criminal gangs, narco-traffickers and hired guns working for wealthy landowners

El fallo de la Corte Constitucional es una mala noticia para la implementación del Acuerdo con las Farc en el corto plazo pero a mediano plazo le podría dar más legitimidad


Even if the final recommendations suggest that Trump should not make drastic changes at the moment, the administration must present them in a way that satisfies the pressure from Cuban-American Florida Republicans


“Estamos cansados de ver como emboscan a nuestros compañeros de forma cobarde y que ninguna autoridad, Organización No Gubernamental y de Derechos Humanos ‘hagan algo’”, subraya

When Mexican drug cartels threatened the country’s $1.5bn avocado export industry with extortion and murder, farmers in Tancítaro decided to fight back


As protests grow increasingly violent, strapped security officers say they’re exhausted, misused and demoralized