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Still trying to understand Latin America, my own country, and why so few consequences are intended. These views are not necessarily my employer’s.


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The 17 Government Reports About Latin America That I Found Most Useful in 2017

Tracking the U.S. relationship with Latin America’s security forces requires finding credible, citable data. For that, government documents are a goldmine. They’re primary sources, straight from the State and unfiltered through outside journalists or analysts. I find such documents so useful that since 2015 I’ve kept a database of them: those I’ve obtained as well […]

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Who are the House’s border hardliners and reformers?

I asked my “” congressional web database which members of Congress most consistently sign on to legislation or letters, or join caucuses, having to do with U.S.-Mexico border security. The result was the below list of 19 “hardliners” and 20 “reformers” in the House of Representatives. Of the 19 hardliners, 18 are Republicans who won […]

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My Latin America database now resides at “”

I’ve owned the domain for several years; I use it for side projects related to work. The largest by far is one I started in mid-2015: a “database of everything” related to U.S. defense and security relations with Latin America. This mammoth resource is just about complete. So I just took away the little “this site […]

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Some trivia about Congress and Latin America

I derived these using “Narrow Down Congress,” a web-app I coded over the holidays. It does one thing: find members of Congress who match more than one category. I invite you to play around with it. The House and Senate Foreign Relations/Affairs Committees have subcommittees for the Western Hemisphere. They have a combined 23 members. […]

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