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Still trying to understand Latin America, my own country, and why so few consequences are intended. These views are not necessarily my employer’s.


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Organized crime

Links from the past month about organized crime-related corruption

Colombia “Corte Suprema No Remitira a la Jep Caso Contra el Exgobernador Juan Francisco “Kiko” Gomez” (El Espectador (Colombia), September 18, 2018). Para el alto tribunal, los homicidios de la exalcaldesa del municipio de Barrancas, Yandra Brito, su esposo y su escolta no tienen relación con el conflicto armado “Escandalo de Chuzadas Ilegales Crece Como […]

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Colombia’s Dumbest Trafficker

In mid-March Jeremy McDermott, a longtime investigator of organized crime in the Americas, published a study at the site of InsightCrime, the organization he co-directs. He profiled the thriving new cohort of Colombian drug traffickers, which he calls the “fourth generation” of narcos, or just “the invisibles.” With the FARC’s and AUC’s exits from the […]

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This Week in Colombia’s Peace Process

(Week of March 25-31) “Dissident” Group Kidnaps Reporters on Ecuador Side of the Border The Pacific coastal border region between Colombia and Ecuador has heated up amid an offensive launched by a fast-growing dissident group made up mainly of former FARC members and militias who have rearmed. The “Oliver Sinisterra” group, named for a former […]

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WOLA Podcast: Looking for Glimmers of Hope in Honduras

Here’s a conversation with Sarah Kinosian, a WOLA program officer who works with me on our Defense Oversight work. Sarah is just back from a weeklong research visit to Honduras. We discuss arms trafficking, police reform, gangs, drug trafficking, migration, U.S. assistance, and Honduras’s own reform efforts, looking for evidence that anything is “working.”

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Links from the past month about organized crime-related corruption in Latin America

(I say “organized crime-related” to distinguish this kind of corruption from its slimy, tawdry, but usually less-deadly cousin, “graft.”) Colombia Ariel Ávila, “La Sinverguenceria de la Bandola Uribista” (Semana (Colombia), March 31, 2017). In his latest column, the security analyst goes over some of the historical ties between opposition leader and former president Álvaro Uribe’s supporters […]

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