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In addition to catching up on the usual emails and meetings, this week I sort of got lost in the initial stages of a giant, panoramic report on “where Colombia is now and what must come next.” That will come out in September; my idea is to write it during August—a relatively slow month in Washington—then travel to Colombia at the end of the month (first with a member of Congress, then on my own) to find out what I’m missing that needs to be added or changed.

I’m having a great time with it, but sort of went into a “rabbit hole” and neglected this site. I’ll do my best to keep up both, but there may be lapses.

Today I’m going to attend the Senate Foreign Relations hearing on Colombia’s peace process. I’ve got an all-hands staff meeting in the early afternoon. And then it’s back to the computer keyboard to do edits to an upcoming piece on border security agencies’ staffing, and to work on the Colombia report.