I should be reachable this afternoon. (How to contact me)

I’m back from vacation. It was useful to disconnect from the day-to-day demands of the work, do some reflecting, writing, and lots of reading, and just spend time with the family.

The one “work thing” I did was add two months (about 70 entries) to our timeline of peace and conflict events at colombiapeace.org, which is now up to date through June. I expect to have July and August added by mid-September. This process forces me to skim through all of the articles and reports I’ve saved, adding bits to my research database and knitting together ideas.

The timeline itself has now become an accessible, graphical guide to what happened over the first half of the year in Colombia’s conflict and peace implementation effort. My favorite feature is that you can click on one of the topics in the right-hand column (“Illicit Crop Eradication,” “U.S. Policy,” “Transitional Justice” etc.) and get a briefing about just that issue.

I have an early doctor appointment—this should be the last check-up on the wrist I broke in June, which I’d say is about 95 percent recovered (it’s still hard to do a push-up). Then, a weekly all-hands staff meeting. I should be reachable all afternoon while I dig out all of my unanswered communications from the past two weeks, take care of any urgent tasks that are bound to arise from that, and add some routine website updates.