I should be around in the afternoon. (How to contact me)

This is my first workday in a while with only one meeting on the calendar. It’s a weekly marathon morning internal staff meeting, but still, I’ve got the afternoon to catch up on a series of smaller things on my list.

It would be nice to clear those off: I won’t have as much alone-time tomorrow, and then I plan to take the rest of the week, Wednesday through Friday, for what I’m calling a “soft vacation” before the holidays. I did not come close to using my leave time for 2020 (I’ll be losing some of it), but from the 16th onward I want to refuse meetings, turn on the e-mail autoreply, and finally finish a report on Putumayo, Colombia, that I’ve been fitfully working on for months.

So while I’m trying to clear the decks of other commitments today in order to focus on writing starting Wednesday, this afternoon is probably the best time all week to try to contact me.