I’ll be mostly reachable, but have to do several interviews and watch the inauguration. (How to contact me)

67 months since Trump declared his candidacy. 50 1/2 months since Trump was elected. 48 months since he was inaugurated. 19 months since the first Democratic candidates’ debate. 2 1/2 months since Election Day. Finally, finally, we’re saying goodbye to Donald Trump. What’s left to say, except: that was awful and deeply weird.

Like the U.S. government, WOLA is closed today for Inauguration Day. But it’s not clear what that means anymore. I’ll be at home on my computer just like nearly every day since March. I plan to do some writing, and will probably be reachable if needed. I have several interviews on the calendar to talk about what’s going on, mainly with outlets in Latin America. And I’ll have the TV on—as will you, I imagine—to watch the transition of power and the Biden-Harris administration’s first steps.