I’ll be hard to reach all day because of a full schedule of events and meetings. (How to contact me)

I’m giving a talk this morning at the OAS Inter-American Defense Board about the use of military forces as police. (Spoiler alert: I’m opposed to it.) If you’re interested, here is a 5MB PDF of my powerpoint and speaking notes, in Spanish.

Then I’m headed to an event at the Open Society Foundations, have a meeting with management at WOLA to talk about this year’s workplan, and have a call with colleagues with whom I’m working on an evaluation of a big USAID program in Colombia.

Because of that latter project, I’m actually going to Colombia this weekend, and will be there for an entire month. I’ll discuss that project in a post here as soon as things get less busy. My calendar says this is the last super-busy day of the week, so hopefully tomorrow.