I may be hard to reach today. (How to contact me)

It was nice having a few days with a lighter schedule. I caught up some website features at colombiapeace.org that were very difficult to work on when by broken wrist was at its worst last month (check out the embedded video library and other pages; I’m still working on the timeline). I’m slowly working with an intern to build up a similar, but less ambitious, resource about the border (very much under construction here).

Today I have two internal meetings and a Colombia coalition meeting, and I need to put together a talk about Colombia security for an official audience (non-public unfortunately) on Friday. As a result, I’ll probably be slow in responding today.

I also want to do something explaining the excellent narrative report that the House Appropriators put together on the Homeland Security bill. That, plus continuing website updates and writing a report on Putumayo, Colombia, will have me engaged through the rest of the week.

Also, expect WOLA to publish a big analysis of militaries in Latin America in a day or two.