I’ll be hard to reach today. (How to contact me)

My broken wrist is definitely healing, it’s sore but not hugely painful, as long as I don’t twist it or try to carry anything heavier than a coffee cup. This week, they’re going to make sure it’s healing straight—lots of moving parts in a wrist—and if not, I’ll go to surgery, probably on Thursday.

That means posts to this site will continue to be infrequent. And with doctor visits added to my meeting schedule—I have a long one this afternoon—I’ll be harder to contact, and slower to respond. If I need to be operated on, I won’t post any updates at all on Thursday or Friday.

Though I’m moving slower, work continues. Yesterday I finished and shared with colleagues a draft of a new commentary/report on what the present moment of plague and protest should mean for militaries and police forces in Latin America and the United States. I’m going to move ahead on another one this week, about coca and U.S. policy in southern Colombia.