I should be reachable much of the day. (How to contact me)

I was going to be traveling to two universities to give lectures next week and the following week. I was also putting together a trip to Colombia at the end of the month. All of that is canceled, as well as a few upcoming meetings and events.

So today, I’ve only got a conference call with border groups on my calendar, and I won’t be spending a few hours preparing a lecture as I’d originally expected.

I have a long list of projects that I’ve been longing to work on but can never get to. I’ve got a couple of ideas for cool things to do that would be very hard to make happen normally, but are now possible because everyone I’ve ever worked with is also grounded, and (unless they’ve got childcare needs) probably has more free time than normal. Once I read through the day’s news, I’m going to go through that list and discuss some of those ideas with colleagues; I plan to post something here later in the day about what to expect.