Today I should be reachable, especially after late morning. (How to contact me)

No snow this morning. The forecast 6-10 inches turned out to be about 2 inches of unflavored snow-cone ice blanketing Washington. That’s enough to open schools and the government a couple of hours late. So I’m at home until mid-morning.

Otherwise I’ve got a rare day without meetings. I’ll be spending the afternoon editing our upcoming report on “all military aid programs” (the draft in progress is viewable online because why not) and getting a start on the crucial introductory essay.

When not doing that, I’ve got to send out the two pieces about Colombia’s coca crop that I published yesterday—via “hand-delivered email,” because I find that the busiest people don’t read bulk mails anymore.

This is also a good day to set up the “guts” of a new podcast and a revived WOLA podcast. And meanwhile I’ve slept in because of the storm (and because of too little sleep last night, when I stayed up finishing this blog’s setup). It’s 7:00 already and I haven’t even glanced at the news yet.