I’m in meetings all day, and for some of it I may not even have my phone with me. (How to contact me)

I had only a few things on the schedule Tuesday and Wednesday, but spent them doing writing and catching up correspondence. I was in a bit of a sleepless haze, having devoted evenings and nights to finishing a solid draft of a big report about the USAID program that I’d spent the month of February in Colombia evaluating. That’s done now, and unless something goes terribly wrong, that project will no longer demand large blocks of my time.

Today I’ve got meetings with State Department in the morning and an “NGO working group” meeting with U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the afternoon. Lunch with a Colombian colleague in between. And in the late afternoon I board a train to New York, where a few of us from WOLA will be spending all of tomorrow meeting with journalists and, believe it or not, comedy writers.