Today I’ll be hard to reach: lots of meetings, with short windows in which to write. (How to contact me)

I’m still slogging through edits to our nearly-done compendium of 109 existing U.S. military aid programs. I made minimal progress on it yesterday, only devoting about two hours to it because the administration’s budget release generated a lot of calls, emails, and last-minute statement writing. That, of course, was time well spent.

I’ll have to work on it over the weekend, though, because there’s a lot going on today. WOLA is hosting a public event this morning on the human rights situation in La Guajira, Colombia. Then, about 10 blocks from the office, the public hearings of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission are underway, with Mexico and Honduras on this morning’s agenda. In the afternoon, I’ve got two internal planning meetings.