I’ll be reachable much of the day, but not mid-day. (How to contact me)

There are so many hearings about border security and migration going on today that, unless you’re Elvis watching 3 TV sets simultaneously in his bedroom, you couldn’t process them all. It’s fantastic to see this level of oversight taking place, though it will be weeks before I’m able to get down all of the intel that we learn from this week and last week on Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile, after a lot of travel in mid-February and over 30 hours of meetings last week, my system for organizing work is a mess. I hit bottom yesterday when I had to write a colleague to whom I’d agreed on three commitments, and ask her to remind me what I’d committed to do. So I badly need to regroup: the weeds have taken over the garden.

I have a bit of urgent work to do today—guest-teaching a class via Skype, some input to give on the future of WOLA’s communications team, sending information and questions for upcoming hearings. The problem is, I’m not even sure what other urgent items I’m missing. I need to take several hours today and tomorrow to process and pull commitments out of the past few weeks’ notes and documents—which number about 200 files, plus email—then decide which projects should get done when, what I need to do them, and what I can delegate.

So I’ll be doing that: reachable, but perhaps slower to respond, and not posting much here or elsewhere until, I expect, late Wednesday or early Thursday.

Unless, of course, something unexpected happens in Colombia, Venezuela, or at the border.