I’ll be reachable mid-day and late afternoon. (How to contact me)

That was a nice event yesterday, and I’ll post the students’ papers, pending their permission, when they’re complete.

Today will be my last full day in the office until May 28. I’m going to speak at a conference in Colombia, attend WOLA’s annual staff planning retreat, speak at a conference in Mexico City, then go to the annual Latin American Studies Association congress in Boston, where I’m on two panels and organized a third.

I hope to do a lot of writing on the road so that this site isn’t completely neglected, but there will be days where nothing gets put here.

Today, other than an early afternoon meeting with a House staffer, I should be in the office trying to finish all pending “small tasks” that can’t wait until I return. I also have a few papers and presentations to finish for these upcoming events, but I might not get a chance to get to those today.