I may be hard, but not impossible, to contact today. (How to contact me)

I actually haven’t been to bed yet—I got a bit carried away updating my database, reports library, and especially the new inventory of aid programs to reflect what got changed in the big 2017 budget bill that was passed at the very end of April. All Defense Department items and most foreign aid items are now in the database of aid programs, but I’ve got a lot of foreign aid and Homeland Security stuff left to put in.

Today, after a few hours of sleep, I imagine I’ll get a late start. I have a late morning interview with a Colombian paper, I want to attend the launch of WOLA’s Central America aid Monitor on Capitol Hill, I’m meeting a Colombia scholar later in the afternoon, and I’m on duty to take the kid to soccer practice at the end of the workday. So I doubt I’ll be updating this page much today.