I’ll be hard to reach today and through the end of next week. (How to contact me)

Another day, another plane. I’m off this afternoon to Ohio, where I’ll be on a panel tomorrow at Kent State University, talking about the border wall. Before I go, I’m recording an in-the-moment podcast about Bolivia, which I hope to post before I get in a taxi.

Next week, I’m on “vacation.” I put that in quotes because I don’t have vacation-like plans. I’m going to be at home, avoiding the office, all meetings, and most communications, including e-mail, while I finish two big reports and do a lot of other planning and housekeeping. Mostly while keeping my own hours and wearing sweatpants.

I underused my vacation time this year and now, after 7 trips and hosting a big conference over the past three months, I need to catch up on a long list of loose ends, both personal and professional.

I expect to post items to this site while all that’s happening next week.