I should be reachable much of the day, except around lunchtime. (How to contact me)

Well, yesterday ended up being more intense than expected. I wrote another 2,000-word piece about what kinds of “good border security” we might support as part of a deal to save the DACA program. And that became part of a big package, a lot of which I’d written in the past week, that WOLA posted at the end of the day. Then at the end of the day, the Trump White House said it “seriously considered” decertifying Colombia. (Thanks to the AP for letting me vent.)

And I’d thought I’d be spending yesterday catching up on email and unfinished commitments. Who knows what today has in store.

The calendar says all I’ve got is a mid-day meeting with some State Department officials. Otherwise I’ll spend the day attending to my teetering inbox, sending out speaker invites for an October 16 conference on Colombia (yes, we have a date), updating our new “tracker” of where border and migration legislation stands, and catching up Colombia peace-implementation research.