The week after Labor Day is always a crazy one in Washington. Congress comes back from a long recess with a month to approve a budget. Things in the news just generally start happening at a faster pace with the summer over. (Though this summer was pretty frenetic.) Universities are back in session.

This week is going to be rapid-fire. I’m coming back to it after 8 days in Colombia, with my office still in disarray from renovations during the second half of August. I’m spending this Labor Day trying to get re-organized, from e-mails I couldn’t get to while traveling, to accumulated receipts, to a teetering stack of incoming paper, to a to-do list that needs updating and re-thinking. That, along with numerous check-ins with co-workers, will probably occupy most of my time through Wednesday or so.

Then, to figure out what to work on first. Finishing my big half-done Colombia report? Carrying out a new blitz of congressional meetings on the foreign aid bill (to be marked up in the Senate Thursday) and the border wall? (Or perhaps Hurricane Harvey, which hit while I was in Colombia, has stopped the wall for now?) Scrambling to organize a big Colombia conference in mid-October? Throwing all our energy into saving DACA?

A lot to figure out. I’ve only been back in the U.S. for 48 hours, but must hit the ground running.