For the first time since August 7, I’m starting a Monday here in Washington after having worked on Friday here in Washington. This means I won’t be spending as much of this week trying to catch up from travel. My calendar is also lighter.

So this week I hope to:

  • Publish an “explainer” about the four bits of border security legislation we have our eye on (the wall, the Border Patrol increase, the ICE deportation force increase, and DACA).
  • Do a brief piece on Colombia’s ex-combatant reintegration program (or lack thereof).
  • Put together much of a mid-October conference on Colombia.
  • Do some sort of comparison of the House and Senate foreign aid bills.
  • Write a substantial chunk of a big report on Colombia’s peace process.
  • Record a WOLA podcast.
  • Record a solo podcast for this site.

That’s a long list for one week; events could sidetrack me. But it’s good to start out ambitiously.