It’s going to be another busy one.

Lots of colleagues from all over the region are in town for the Inter-American Human Rights Commission hearings. I look forward to attending the Colombia hearings, plus one on U.S. border security, on Tuesday, and I’ll be at four or five other related get-togethers and conversations with visitors. (Some of them are public events—there are many happening this week.)

I’m scheduled to speak at one: the House of Representatives’ Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission is going to hold a hearing about human rights defenders in Colombia on Thursday morning. They’re still looking for a space on Capitol Hill to hold it, I’ll post that when I know it. I need to have draft oral testimony done by Wednesday, and longer written testimony a day later.

Meanwhile our publication on U.S. military aid programs is in the home stretch: I’ve got 17 more program descriptions to edit (out of 109), an introduction to write, then we go to layout. That resource is online but unadvertised at a temporary website, even as we build it. If this were a less busy week, we’d be able to finalize this and get it ready to launch. But I’m not sure this will get the hours it needs.

With so many people in town, this is a good week to re-boot the WOLA Podcast, whose “back-end” I managed to rebuild last week. Time allowing, I also hope to start a more low-key podcast on this blog.