I’ll be in Washington all week. My main goal is to finish part 1 of a 2-part report on Colombia’s post-conflict challenges. Part 1 will focus on the short term items, mainly reintegration, coca, and transitional justice. Part 2 will go into an especially thorny long-term item: bringing governance to historically ungoverned regions.

I’ve also got a close eye on the legislative debate over the 2018 budget, which must be passed by Friday and is hung up in part on Trump’s border wall and DACA. I aim to have a piece out by mid-week about the border wall prototypes just built in San Diego and how irrelevant they are. But the big legislative battle is likely to get postponed to the week of December 18-22.

When not writing, I’ve already got 15 meetings and events on the calendar, which is likely to fill up more. And the electoral crisis in Honduras also looms large.