It’s going to be sort of a transitional week. I’ll be here in Washington:

Putting the finishing touches on a huge new publication. It’s about the 107 existing U.S. programs and authorities that can aid foreign militaries and police forces, or that involve the U.S. military providing foreign aid. 87 are Defense Department-run, compared to only 14 run by the State Department. (2 are jointly run and 4 are run by other agencies.) See the list here–this is an online draft. Tasks include finishing the introduction, fixing bugs in the online version, adding charts, helping with layout of the printed version, and the big one: moving the whole database to a new home at This big program is nearly in the can, just in time for what will be a bruising debate this year on foreign aid versus defense spending.

Getting ready to go to Colombia next week. We’re taking our whole board of directors, who will be holding its regular meeting in Bogotá. We’ll also be in a rural area and another city. (If you’re in Colombia, know me and are reading this, I apologize if I don’t see you this time—I’ll be with this big group of about 25 people the whole time.)

Gearing up for a big campaign on the border and migration which, once I get back from Colombia and launch the defense aid report, will be my largest focus for months.

Also expect a new WOLA Podcast about the border and migration, and regular posting to this blog.