WOLA’s Board of Directors will be meeting in Colombia, and I’ll be accompanying them Wednesday morning through Sunday night. We’ll be in Bogotá and other destinations.

I’ll still be here in Washington Monday and Tuesday, preparing for that and clearing things off of my to-do list, especially finalizing our big upcoming defense aid programs publication.

It’s a shame that I’ll miss Thursday’s annual Senate hearing with Northern and Southern Commands. This is a key oversight moment, and we’ve sent questions and notes to staff in both houses’ committees. (The House has started having these meetings privately, which I don’t like.) But I’ll be in Bogotá when the actual hearings happen. As yesterday’s “upcoming events” post indicates, there are also three hearings on border security coming up Tuesday through Thursday.

Because of travel, updates to this blog will grind to a halt on Wednesday. I do hope to post a podcast this week, though.