I’m giving two talks on Colombia over the next two days: one today at the Brookings Institution, and tomorrow I’m guest-teaching a human rights class at the National Defense University’s Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies.

Those and other meetings or interviews have booked up every one of my mornings this week. My afternoons are freer, and during that time I will be helping to set up our May 8-12 border research visit to San Diego and Tijuana, promoting the huge report we released last week, and producing one, perhaps two podcasts. I’ll also have an eye on the Homeland Security secretary’s announcement, scheduled for Thursday, of “A new strategy for U.S. engagement in Central America”. It could be a repackaging of what they’re already doing, or it could require action. It’s on the radar either way.

At least during the first part of the week, posting here will be lighter than usual. And it will come to a near-total stop next week when I’m traveling.