After spending last week at the California-Baja California border, I’ve got several weeks ahead with no travel planned. I look forward to getting a lot of research done, and doing a lot of “policy advocacy.”

Later this week, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will be in Washington. We’ll have materials out for the press and Capitol Hill shortly, and I expect a flash of interest here about the direction of U.S. policy. Maintaining U.S. support for peace accord implementation is essential.

By the end of the week, I also expect we’ll have a report all but ready to publish (probably for next week) about security and migration at Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala, based on fieldwork done in mid-February.

Other than that, I have a scattering of meetings with reporters and officials, and a bunch of updates waiting to add to our database now that the U.S. government’s 2017 budget has passed. I also expect to do a podcast here about some Latin America highlights in the budget. And to type up my notes about the San Diego-Tijuana border. And I need to finish edits on an academic journal article about Colombia, which is overdue.

Amid all that, I look forward to posting here often this week.