I updated 20 graphics in my packet of border and migration infographics, to reflect new releases of data from CBP and Mexico’s INM.

That packet is always available as a big (3.8MB) PDF file at the easy-to-remember address bit.ly/wola_border.

Here are a few:

The number of migrants apprehended at the border was average for February. Slightly more than January, entirely because of an increase in single adults, most of whom probably did not intend to turn themselves in to Border Patrol agents.
With access to asylum all but shut down right now, arrivals of children and families are radically reduced.
Mexico’s apprehensions jumped in January. This was mainly because of the ill-fated “caravan” of Hondurans that got stopped in Chiapas and Tabasco that month.
Something is up with meth trafficking at the border during the first five months of the fiscal year.