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Still trying to understand Latin America, my own country, and why so few consequences are intended. These views are not necessarily my employer’s.


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Day ahead

The day ahead: November 23, 2020

I’ll be most reachable in the late afternoon. (How to contact me)

I’ve got some internal meetings and checkins through lunchtime, then will be recording a podcast mid-afternoon. I’ll be hard to reach until near the end of the workday when things open up a bit.

The day ahead: November 20, 2020

I’m around most of the day. (How to contact me)

Posting this a little late because I just finished drafting a weekly border update, on which I got a late start because CBP dropped its October migration numbers at the end of the day yesterday. More on that later.

Today I’ve got a coalition meeting mid-afternoon, but am otherwise at my desk making the cursor go from left to right as fast as possible.

The day ahead: November 19, 2020

I’m around in the afternoon. (How to contact me)

This morning I’m doing an interview, meeting with a journalist, and have an auto maintenance-related errand. In the afternoon I’ll be writing about Colombia, doing a weekly border update, and a list of smaller tasks.

The day ahead: November 18, 2020

I’ll be most reachable mid-day and early afternoon. (How to contact me)

After 10 hours of meetings, events, and appointments so far this week, today I’ve got about 2 1/2. Which means I need to put my head down and do some writing, even though there are many interesting events today that I’d like to watch. Expect a lot of updates to our Colombia Peace timeline and, in a few days, a commentary about the border.

The day ahead: November 17, 2020

I’m in meetings for most of the afternoon, but reachable in the morning and perhaps at the end of the day. (How to contact me)

I’m doing website updates and working on a border commentary in the morning. Then I have a quick dentist trip (new crown fell out), a meeting with border groups, and a possible meeting with a colleague working on illicit crop eradication in Colombia. Replies will be delayed most of the afternoon.

The day ahead: November 16, 2020

I’m in meetings nearly all day. (How to contact me)

I’ve got internal meetings in the morning, then a podcast recording session. I’ll have a brief window of time in the early afternoon to work on everything on my list, then I’m spending the second half of the afternoon meeting with colleagues doing research projects.

The day ahead: November 13, 2020

I’m around in the morning and early afternoon. (How to contact me)

I’m at home writing, with perhaps a border coalition meeting mid-day. My workday ends in the mid-afternoon due to a dental appointment.

The day ahead: November 12, 2020

I’m very booked up today. (How to contact me)

I’ve got six meetings on the schedule today: four about Colombia, one about the border, and a podcast recording session. If you try to contact me, my reply will probably be delayed.

The day ahead: November 11, 2020

I’ll be intermittently reachable today. (How to contact me)

It’s a holiday in the United States, and I’ll be spending some of it with my family. It’s also an opportunity to get some research and writing done, so I’ll be doing that while looking less frequently at e-mail and other communications. In the late afternoon I’m meeting with several Colombian colleagues, then I’m on a panel at the Universidad de los Andes about U.S. policy toward Colombia during the Biden administration.

The day ahead: November 10, 2020

I’m really only available in the late morning and early afternoon. (How to contact me)

This morning I’m in an internal meeting to talk about our border work, then a quick chat about Colombia with a government official. I’m free for a couple of hours mid-day, then I’ve got a connectivity check for an event at which I’m speaking in Colombia tomorrow, a meeting with a few border groups, and a Colombia coalition meeting. So it will be tricky to contact me today.

The day ahead: November 9, 2020

I’ll be reachable in the afternoon. (How to contact me)

Happy transition period, everyone. It may be a wild ride.

I’ve got an internal meeting and a meeting with colleagues about Colombia this morning, and won’t be reachable. This afternoon I’ll be around, and trying to focus on the Colombia part of my work: updating our Colombia Peace website (which fell a bit behind when I did a lot of border work in September and October) and working on a report about the situation in Putumayo.

The day ahead: November 6, 2020

I should be reachable much of the day. (How to contact me)

I’ve got an internal meeting mid-day, and some interviews. I’ll be around, at my desk. At least I won’t be spending today looking at vote counts every few minutes. I’ll catch up on what I didn’t do amid this election drama. That will mean working through the weekend.

The day ahead: November 5, 2020

I should be reachable much of the day. (How to contact me)

So, how’s everybody doing? This is excruciating.

Anyway. Other than an afternoon walk downtown with my Mom (who lives in the suburbs and the weather is gorgeous today), I don’t have any commitments on today’s schedule. Which is fine, because I’m recovering from giving a panel lecture and doing two hourlong Colombian TV shows yesterday on like 2 hours of sleep. (I slept better last night.)

In between checking ballot counts every 2.3 seconds, I’ll be doing website updates and emptying e-mail inboxes. I may not be good for much more than that until we have more certainty about the political future of the United States.

I’ll tweet occasionally, and I’m keeping a spreadsheet of what’s happening in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina.

The day ahead: November 4, 2020

I’m around from late morning through the afternoon. I should be reachable, but go easy. (How to contact me)

I think I slept for a couple of hours last night, intermittently, as the election’s muddy outcome puts the future of my professional life on the cusp of two very different trajectories. I feel calm, but you can’t control the adrenaline flow—it made sleeping difficult.

But the show must go on. I’m giving a talk this morning about security and civil-military relations to a gathering organized by USAID. In the evening, I’ll be talking about the election with a group hosted by Colombia’s La Silla Vacía, and then an episode of Semana en Vivo. In between, I hope to get done whatever work I’m capable of, probably website updates, try and sleep for an hour or two, and be with my family.

The day ahead: November 3, 2020

I’m intermittently reachable all day. (How to contact me)

Apparently there’s some sort of political event today. I’ll be working all day while distracted by that. During the count this evening, I’ll be doing some punditing in Colombia, on Ariel Avila’s Facebook Live feed and on María Jimena Duzán’s Semana show. I’ll post links when I get them.

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