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Still trying to understand Latin America, my own country, and why so few consequences are intended. These views are not necessarily my employer’s.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Border security piece published in “The Hill”

Thanks to Elyssa Pachico at WOLA for getting a draft together and shopping this piece to The Hill. The point here is that you can be “tough” on border security without being stupid (building walls, going on Border Patrol hiring binges).

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Things from the past two weeks

I mean to post a link or some other notice to this site whenever I publish something elsewhere. But it has been such a fertile time at work lately, things have gotten away from me and I’ve neglected this space. In order to catch up a bit, here’s everything I’ve been up to since September […]

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2 articles since Friday

One is in English, but paywalled; one is in Spanish. Both are about Colombia: To Deal With Colombia’s Coca Bonanza, Keep Calm and Honor the FARC Peace Deal, published June 2 at World Politics Review. Despite record coca production in Colombia, the peace accord presents a gigantic opportunity to achieve permanent reductions in the crop—unless Colombia’s ruling elite […]

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I’ll be on Colombia’s “Semana en Vivo” at 9:00 EDT / 8:00 Colombia

Today’s panel discussion at the TV talk show of Colombia’s weekly newsmagazine will ask, “Has World War III already started without us noticing?” (Or “¿Será que ya comenzó la tercera guerra mundial y no nos hemos dado cuenta?“) Sort of gives you a sense of how people around the world are viewing the Trump administration’s […]

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