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February 2018

The day/week ahead, February 25, 2018

I’ll be very hard to reach all week. (How to contact me) This is the last of four weeks in Colombia working on an evaluation team for a USAID project. I spent last week in Norte de Santander department, both the area near the Venezuela border and the Catatumbo region in the north. Now I’m somewhere […]

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A full-on exodus

Hello from Cúcuta, Colombia, on the border with Venezuela. I had full days of meetings here yesterday and today to talk about the security situation and to evaluate a big USAID program operating in the surrounding department of Norte de Santander. Near the end of today, we took a 15-minute cab ride to the Simón Bolívar […]

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The day/week ahead: February 19, 2018

I’ll be hard to reach today and all week. (How to contact me) I’ve left Bogotá and am now in another part of Colombia, where I’ll be until Friday night. With a full schedule of meetings and some time in remote areas, I’ll be hard to reach all week.

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The past week in Colombia’s peace process

This post is several days overdue because of travel—it covers the week of February 4-11. Citing insecurity, FARC suspends election campaign The Common Alternative Revolutionary Force, the political party formed by the former Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) guerrilla group, announced on February 10 that it was suspending its campaigning for Colombia’s March 11 legislative […]

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Brief stop in Bogotá

I’m back in Bogotá after 5 days in Putumayo, in southern Colombia, where I’ve been working on an evaluation of a USAID project. Here’s a 37-second video of Tuesday morning’s rush hour in Puerto Asís, the largest city in Putumayo:  We were in Puerto Asís and Mocoa, meeting with everyone from the governor and mayors […]

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The day/week ahead: February 12, 2018

I’ll be hard to reach today, and pretty much all week. (How to contact me) I’m leaving Bogotá shortly and spending the week in another, more remote part of Colombia. Not to sound mysterious—it’s just bad security practice to announce the location beforehand. I have no idea how good the Internet connections will be, other than phone data, […]

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Last week in Colombia peace process

This post is several days overdue because of travel—it covers the week of January 28-February 3. Wave of violence intensifies Violence involving guerrillas, guerrilla dissidents, or organized crime forced 2,560 people to flee their homes in January, according to CODHES, an NGO that tracks forced displacement. Of the displaced, 230 were forced out in mass […]

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The day ahead: February 9, 2018

I’ll be very hard to reach today. (How to contact me) Like a Colombian Groundhog Day, I’ve got a fifth consecutive full day packed with meetings here in Bogotá. We were going to go to “the field” on Saturday, but the ELN’s declaration of an “armed blockade” has forced us to alter plans. I’m now going to […]

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The day ahead: February 8, 2018

I’ll be very hard to reach today. (How to contact me) I’m in Bogotá with another full day of meetings, as has been the case all week, interviewing people for this evaluation project. There may be a gap in the early to mid afternoon, but it will probably fill up.

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The day ahead: February 7, 2018

I’ll be very hard to reach all day. (How to contact me) A solid day of meetings with Colombian government agencies here in Bogotá. The only time I’ll see a phone or computer screen (or the sun) is in moments between those meetings.

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Tuesday in Bogotá

A day of meetings in the capital city doesn’t lend itself to magical photography. But here are a few quick snapshots.

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Some articles I found interesting this morning

(Even more here) February 5, 2018 Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela Andrew Rosati, Matthew Bristow, Samy Adghirni, “As Venezuelans Flee, Refugee Camp Springs Up Across Border” (Bloomberg, February 5, 2018). Colombia has created a shelter along its eastern border to care for Venezuelans escaping their nation’s autocratic government and ravaged economy, and Brazil may follow suit Colombia […]

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The day ahead: February 5, 2018

I’ll be in meetings all day. (How to contact me) It’s my first full day in Colombia. Here in Bogotá I have five or six meetings on the schedule, talking to the principals in the program I’m here to evaluate. That will make me hard to reach. I was up late Saturday—it took longer than I […]

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The week ahead

I’m in Bogotá all week—just arrived Sunday afternoon. It’s the first of four weeks in Colombia. 23 or 24 interviews and meetings on the calendar right now, nearly all of them related to the project that has me here. They put me in a nice hotel with fast (if insecure) internet access. So I look forward […]

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Going to Colombia for the next 4 weeks

I’m off Sunday for an extended trip to Colombia, which I’ll mostly spend in three regions far from Bogotá. I’ll be on a team evaluating a big USAID “helping get government presence into post-conflict territories” program. I’ve been interested for a long time in this question of “how you start governing ungoverned areas.” (My “2018 […]

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