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Still trying to understand Latin America, my own country, and why so few consequences are intended. These views are not necessarily my employer’s.


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The day ahead: March 1, 2021

I should be around in the afternoon. (How to contact me)

So begins another week. My calendar looks average this week: two or three speaking engagements, co-hosting an event on Friday, lots of coalition meetings. But no giant deadlines. I hope to work on a big research project and start another, and hopefully record a podcast, before the week is over.

Today, I have an internal meeting for much of the morning, and I’m still catching up on correspondence from last Thursday and Friday when I had an especially heavy schedule. In the afternoon I expect to be at my desk with some time to write, to respond to an info request from congressional staff, and to update our Colombia website. We’ll see how that goes.

The day ahead: February 26, 2021

I’ll be hard to reach today. (How to contact me)

I’ve got a full day of meetings: with two coalitions, some DHS officials, documentary filmmakers, and the board of another organization. And I’m finishing a new border update before that happens. I may not respond to messages until the weekend.

The day ahead: February 25, 2021

I’ll be hard to reach today. (How to contact me)

I finished one internal writing assignment yesterday and am almost done with a smaller one, and will also write up a weekly border update today. I’m sitting in on an event this morning about Latin America security, meeting with colleagues at a border/migrants’ rights organization, and have two coalition meetings in the afternoon. All of this will delay my reply to any attempt to get in touch with me today.

The day ahead: February 24, 2021

I should be reachable much of the day. (How to contact me)

Other than an internal meeting mid-day, I should be mercifully free from Zoom today, and plan to get a lot of writing, research, and correspondence caught up.

The day ahead: February 23, 2021

I’ll be intermittently available during the afternoon. (How to contact me)

I’m trying to finish two bits of writing this morning. This afternoon I have two internal meetings, conversations with a student and a Colombian colleague, and an interview. I should be reachable but there will be long stretches when I’m not.

The day ahead: February 22, 2021

Early afternoon is probably the best time to reach me. (How to contact me)

I averaged 6 hours of meetings per day on Wednesday-Friday of last week, then did a lot of writing and podcasting on Friday through the weekend. That means I’m very behind on basic things like e-mail, and I’m a little afraid to look at my to-do inbox to see what else I committed to doing.

Today I have a staff meeting, a border coalition meeting, and a meeting with a few Colombian colleagues. When not present at those, I’ll just be getting caught up, if possible.

The day ahead: February 19, 2021

I’ll be hard to contact today. (How to contact me)

I’m finishing up a border update, then have an internal check-in meeting, two coalition meetings, a meeting with a State Department official, a podcast recording, and a one-on-one with a colleague. I probably won’t be able to respond to messages until the weekend.

The day ahead: February 18, 2021

I’m most reachable from mid-afternoon to end of day. (How to contact me)

I’m writing on a deadline about the border this morning, with an eye on the likely introduction of the Biden administration’s big border-migration legislation. I have one or two border coalition meetings in the early afternoon, then I hope to be doing less urgent work for the rest of the day.

The day ahead: February 17, 2021

I’m all booked up today. (How to contact me)

I won’t be setting any productivity records today. There’s a 2-hour all-hands staff planning meeting this morning, then I’m in a planning meeting for our border work. In the afternoon I look forward to being on a panel to discuss changes in U.S. policy at an event put on by Colombian human rights organizations. Then in the evening it’s an online event at my kid’s school. This seven-plus hours of Zoom time will make me hard to contact today.

The day ahead: February 16, 2021

I’ll be hard to reach for most of the day. (How to contact me)

I’m in internal meetings most of the morning, and in the afternoon I’m meeting with a student and have carved out a few hours for writing and for preparing a talk I’m giving tomorrow at a virtual gathering of Colombian NGOs. There will be long stretches today where I’m not able to check or respond to messages. Tomorrow will be similarly packed.

The day ahead: February 15, 2021

I’m off today. (How to contact me)

Today is a holiday in the United States. While that’s not too different from a regular day during pandemic times, it does mean that I’ve got no meetings, my kid doesn’t have school, and I won’t be glued to my computer and phone screens. I’ll be back “on the clock” tomorrow.

The day ahead: February 12, 2021

I’ll be unreachable until the afternoon. (How to contact me)

I have a couple of internal meetings, a meeting with some executive branch officials, and a coalition meeting—all between now and early in the afternoon. Meanwhile I’m finishing a weekly border update. So I won’t be able to respond to communications until all of those items are done.

The day ahead: February 11, 2021

I should be reachable much of the day. (How to contact me)

Only one meeting on the calendar today, and it’s not one I’m leading. Today we’ll be putting out a big new piece about the border wall. Otherwise, it’s an important day to catch up on some research and writing, including processing the January numbers CBP put out yesterday and a new weekly border update.

The day ahead: February 10, 2021

I’m most reachable mid-day and early afternoon. (How to contact me)

I’ve got 2 meetings to talk strategy with other organizations, and a border coalition meeting, on today’s calendar. Otherwise I should have a few uninterrupted hours in a row during the daytime, a rarity lately, to catch up on research and writing. Some products I’ve been working on should start coming online today.

The day ahead: February 9, 2021

I’ll be hard to reach today. Maybe mid-afternoon? (How to contact me)

Today I’m recording a podcast, in a meeting with colleagues working on a Colombia report, and have two border-related coalition meetings in the afternoon (a lot of those lately). When not in those, it’ll be all I can do just to skim over the news and answer e-mails and whatsapps today.

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