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Still trying to understand Latin America, my own country, and why so few consequences are intended. These views are not necessarily my employer’s.


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April 2019

The day ahead: April 30, 2019

I’ll be hard to contact today. (How to contact me) I’m in an all-day staff training at WOLA. The family are out of town for 2 days, though, so I hope to get some writing and research done at home tonight.

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Big JEP vote today in Colombia’s Senate

(Cross-posted from WOLA’s blog) On March 11 Colombian President Iván Duque threw the country’s peace process into semi-paralysis. He formally “objected” to parts of the law underlying the transitional justice system that the accords had set up for judging ex-combatants’ human rights crimes. The “objections,” essentially a line-item veto, sent back to Colombia’s Congress […]

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The day ahead: April 29, 2019

I’ll be hard to reach today. (How to contact me) I’ve got a few internal WOLA meetings scattered through the day, a call with a congressional office, and a Colombia event to moderate at WOLA this evening. I’ll be sort of reachable in the late afternoon, but working head-down in the office to get some […]

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Latin America-related events this week in Washington

Monday, April 29 3:00–5:00 at the OAS: Childhood that Counts: The Impact of Drug Policies on Children and Adolescents with Imprisoned Mothers and Fathers in Latin America and the Caribbean. 6:30–7:30 at WOLA: The Monumental Task of Bringing Truth, Justice and Non-Repetition To a Fractured Colombia (RSVP required). Tuesday, April 30 9:00 in Room 2359, […]

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WOLA Podcast: Taking a Chainsaw to Cuba Policy

I posted this to on Thursday: The Trump administration has gone full hard-line against Cuba, announcing severe new measures—including a once-unthinkable authority to allow owners of seized Cuban property to sue in U.S. courts. WOLA’s vice president for programs, Geoff Thale, explains why these new punishments and restrictions won’t bring “regime change” to the […]

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Soldiers apparently caught digging a grave for a murdered ex-FARC member

At least 128 former members of the FARC guerrillas have been killed since Colombia signed its peace accord in November 2016. That’s not even counting 7-month-old Samuel David Gonzalez Pushaina, killed in an April 15 attack on his parents, both demobilized FARC members, in La Guajira. But the case of Dimar Torres, a former FARC […]

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The day ahead: April 25, 2019

I’ll be difficult to contact today. (How to contact me) I’ll barely be in the office today: I’ve got a meeting to talk about the border with a congressional staffer, a long mid-day meeting to help choose a human rights award nominee, and an afternoon medical appointment for my daughter.

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The day ahead: April 24, 2019

I’m in the office from late morning until end of day. (How to contact me) I’m home in the morning, at my computer while repair work gets done on our house. Other than a lunch with the interns and a meeting with some Colombians brought up by a State Department visitors’ program, I’ll be in […]

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Some articles I found interesting this morning

(Even more here) April 23, 2019 Western Hemisphere Regional Alfredo Corchado, “‘This Is All One Big Lie.’ Why This Migrant Just Wishes He Could Go Home” (The Dallas Morning News, April 23, 2019). The America they were told about was a lie. They were not welcomed with open arms Jean Guerrero, “The Border Realities Beneath […]

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The day ahead: April 23, 2019

I’ll be around, but writing, in the afternoon. (How to contact me) I’ve got a call with an NGO colleague, a dentist appointment, and a mid-day interview on CNN Español to talk about border militias. Then about four hours at my desk this afternoon, where I hope to work on one of four different writing […]

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