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“There are numerous signs that the commitment of Brazil’s armed forces and the military police to democracy is ambiguous at best.” Not great as Brazil heads into elections that may turn out badly for Bolsonaro, many officers’ preferred candidate.


More details and rumors emerge about the ELN-FARC dissident violence over the weekend that produced a rising death toll in Colombia’s far northeast. Judicial investigators are finding victims killed at close, pointblank range, which contrasts with the Defense Ministry’s portrayal of combat.


In Mexico, where more than 95,000 people have gone missing and disappeared, many victims’ relatives are not pleased that president López Obrador is putting the militarized National Guard in charge of DNA databases.

A useful snapshot of Mexico’s largest current organized crime groups, their origins, and their territories.

U.S.-Mexico Border

The zombified, court-ordered Remain in Mexico 2.0 is now operating at two ports of entry: El Paso and San Diego.