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August 20, 2018

Western Hemisphere Regional

CBP is a paramilitary organization that has grown too large, too quickly with too little oversight


El acto, realizado en la localidad de Huacalera, Jujuy, ofició como inicio formal del operativo Fronteras Protegidas y fue una oportunidad para que el mandatario exhiba la nueva doctrina de seguridad


The measure put thousands of soldiers in the streets and increased operations against drug-trafficking gangs that largely operate in poor areas. But some say it has not helped to address underlying issues

Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

Thousands of Venezuelans fleeing the economic and humanitarian crisis roiling their homeland are facing increasing hostility from their South American neighbors

Brazil, Venezuela

At one point, some protesters, with bullhorns in hand, began chanting against Venezuelans, and a peaceful protest devolved into an impromptu assault on the migrants’ dwellings


Seven or eight of the crop dusters that had worked the coca fields here remain in Colombia. In a few months, U.S. officials say, they could become operational again

Desde hace dos semanas no aparecen cuatro exmandos importantes de las Farc: Iván Márquez, El Paisa, Romaña y el Zarco

La bancada del Centro Democrático propone hacer trizas todo el Sistema Integral de Verdad, Justicia, Reparación y No Repetición. La posición presidencial al respecto no es clara

Army Master Sgt. Daniel Gould, assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group, was arrested after Drug Enforcement Administration agents found 40 kilograms of cocaine in two backpacks on a military airplane in Colombia

Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela

The exodus appears to have accelerated in recent weeks with almost 43,000 Venezuelans streaming into Tulcán over Rumichaca Bridge in the first 14 days of August alone

Es como si todos los habitantes de Pasto, la capital nariñense, se hubieran ido en lo que va del año

Colombia, Venezuela

Mattis would not say when the USNS Comfort would arrive off the coast of Colombia, but it apparently will not be in the next few weeks. Dana W. White, the chief Pentagon spokeswoman, said it would be “in the fall”


Morán’s case reflects the challenges Cubans now face seeking refuge in the United States. Less than two years ago, Moran simply could have arrived at the border and he would have been welcomed

Dominican Republic, Haiti

El incidente ocurrió el sábado, cuando presuntamente militares dominicanos trataron de impedir el paso de un cargamento de cemento de contrabando desde República Dominicana a Haití


The killings have probably been orchestrated by more powerful political and financial interests, with links to the drug trade and the military


It cannot be, Judge Milan D. Smith Jr. wrote, that guards standing on American soil in Arizona may be sued for cross-border killings but that ones standing in Texas cannot

Guerrero state legislator Ricardo Mejia said an estimated 120,000 people cultivate poppy in poor, isolated communities across the state. A legal channel to sell sticky poppy sap could offer growers more stable incomes, he argues


En los circuitos del traslado de insumos químicos y en los puntos de transporte de la droga, la hoja alcanzó el precio más alto de estos últimos años


The measures, they say, can only be superficial as long as the central bank continues to print money to cover government spending

Considering previous reports of torture and other crimes against humanity documented by the OAS, one can only imagine the type of treatment that Requesens is receiving