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July 11, 2019

Western Hemisphere Regional

“There is no excuse for our government being so unprepared and indifferent to refugee flows that have been steadily mounting for months,” Raskin said

“Why ever people come, they are here. I think that compassion and empathy is important to ensure they are treated humanely with dignity with respect,” Sanders told CNN

Nationwide raids to arrest thousands of members of undocumented families have been scheduled to begin Sunday, according to two current and one former homeland security officials, moving forward with a rapidly changing operation

Mexico, Western Hemisphere Regional

A migrant shelter in San Diego that a month ago was crowded with arrivals was nearly empty this week as migrant apprehensions have dropped sharply

El Salvador, Western Hemisphere Regional

What sort of person needs to see such photographs in order to know what they should already know?


Politicians, academics and writers have fled a climate of death threats and hostility reminiscent of the military dictatorship

Colombia, Venezuela

La más reciente Alerta Temprana de la Defensoría del Pueblo, en la que se reseñan 24 alertas más emitidas entre enero de 2018 y junio de 2019, detalla el corredor que esa guerrilla está creando entre cinco departamentos


En la mente enferma de los obsesos persecutores, no es posible vivir sin enemigos grandes. Desarmadas las Farc, había que crear otro monstruo que les diera una razón para odiar: el Acuerdo de Paz

El Salvador

There have been arrests of more than 4200 persons in the first four weeks of the Territorial Control Plan


The State Department warns against all travel to Tamaulipas — the same risk level it has assigned Syria and Afghanistan

InSight Crime looks at the criminal dynamics in these four border states

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela

Nativism is on the rise. International norms and responsible politicians are helping to contain it, for now


El exjefe del Sebin se muestra calmado en la mayor parte de la charla, pero no puede evitar la incomodidad que le genera hablar de las torturas o las persecuciones del régimen

United States oil sanctions have only made the country’s people poorer and their plight more desperate