María Clara Calle photo at Verdad Abierta (Colombia). Caption: “Para las estructuras urbanas de las Farc el foco del nuevo partido debe estar en responder a las demandas de las ciudades y a su interacción con el campo.”

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August 3, 2017


Barbieri é acusado de tentar chegar às mãos de traficantes cariocas os 60 fuzis apreendidos no Aeroporto Internacional Galeão-Tom Jobim, em junho deste ano, oriundos dos Estados Unidos

Its lower house overwhelmingly voted not to approve corruption charges against the president, Michel Temer – even though 81% of his countrymen said in a recent poll that they should


The United States is not currently supporting the Colombian government’s voluntary eradication and crop substitution program because the FARC is involved in some aspects of the program

To make living as law-abiding citizens more appealing to former rebels, the government and international partners should take a three-pronged approach to assisting them

En su seno hay por lo menos tres debates profundos en las cuales ni los excombatientes ni las estructuras urbanas y rurales se han puesto de acuerdo

Una vez cumplan entre dos y medio y cuatro años de cárcel, podrán salir a cumplir el tiempo restante de sanción en condiciones no carcelarias

Se trata de la posibilidad de que quienes entren a esa justicia y solo acepten su responsabilidad durante el juicio, terminen pagando la mitad de su pena


The Cuban government does not want a truly successful entrepreneurial class operating on the island


Pretending you want something that you don’t actually want isn’t a new game in Congress

95.9 percent of the 1,255 cases in which an outcome was reported resulted in “no action” against the officer or agent accused of misconduct

Mexico denied assertions by U.S. President Donald Trump that his Mexican counterpart praised the U.S. administration’s border policies, saying a phone call that Mr. Trump alluded to never happened

Lawyers for families of 3 slain Mexican women were sent infection attempts with NSO Group’s spyware after questioning official accounts of the killings


I spoke by phone with Terry Lynn Karl, a professor emeritus of political science and Latin American studies at Stanford University and the author of The Paradox of Plenty: Oil Blooms and Petro-State

Did I think centralisation of power was a price worth paying? Did I forget that oil prices also fall? Did I downplay abuses I would have denounced with a more rightwing government? Despite my best efforts, I suspect that I did

Here’s a look at the major developments of the last few days, and what to look for in the days and weeks ahead

An oil embargo would be as dramatic as Monday’s sanctions were anticlimactic. The Maduro administration might implode, and the country’s hunger crisis could escalate to famine

Western Hemisphere Regional

DHS spokesman David Lapan said the hiring blitz, a major component of the Trump administration’s stepped-up immigration enforcement agenda, is subject to change because of declining border apprehensions, access to technology and agency attrition rates

William Brownfield, a career diplomat who currently leads the State Department’s law enforcement and anti-narcotics efforts, is a top pick