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Still trying to understand Latin America, my own country, and why so few consequences are intended. These views are not necessarily my employer’s.


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Last day of a brief vacation

Here are some ibises on the Gulf of Mexico this morning. I’m in Florida visiting some of my in-laws for four days. This is the end of day three; we go back to Washington late tomorrow. I’ll be back on the job Thursday.


One of a series of image/tourism videos (“The Colombian Ambush”) from Medellín’s city government, its main newspaper, and one of Colombia’s largest banks. The organized crime activity being parodied in these does exist, and we all wish Colombia was confronting it more, but this is still funny and well done.

Brief stop in Bogotá

I’m back in Bogotá after 5 days in Putumayo, in southern Colombia, where I’ve been working on an evaluation of a USAID project.

Here’s a 37-second video of Tuesday morning’s rush hour in Puerto Asís, the largest city in Putumayo:

We were in Puerto Asís and Mocoa, meeting with everyone from the governor and mayors to representatives of women’s, indigenous, afro-Colombian, and campesino organizations.

Tomorrow morning I’m headed to another part of Colombia, where I’ll be all week. Before then, while I’ve got good internet, I expect to post at least once more here.

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