Former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, a rightwing politician who is the FARC peace accords’ most prominent opponent, had a meeting in Florida on Friday with Donald Trump. (Uribe was joined by his predecessor, Andrés Pastrana, who also opposed the 2012-16 FARC peace talks despite spending much of his presidency on an unsuccessful 1998-2002 attempt to negotiate with the FARC.) (Note as of 5:30PM EDT: CNN Español is reporting that this meeting didn’t happen, just a hallway encounter between Trump and Pastrana at Mar-a-Lago.)

Uribe's statement, with incorrect statements highlighted in pink and debatable assertions highlighted in orange.

Uribe followed up his meeting with a one-page “Message to the authorities and the Congress of the United States of America” opposing the peace accord. His political party sent his document to all U.S. congressional offices and even to Colombia-concerned individuals like me.

The document is riddled with false or inaccurate statements (highlighted in pink) and debatable claims (highlighted in orange). I’m writing up a point-by-point response, but it’s taking a long time because there are so many of them. Stay tuned.